Spring 2012 Seminar – Updated with Slate Details

Saturday, April 14th; 9:30am-5pm

Hosted by College of DuPage Hapkido Club


College of DuPage
425 Fawell Blvd.
Glen Ellyn IL 60137

College of DuPage Maps and Directions

Physical Education Building (PE)

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Local Map

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Regional Map

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Here are 4 hotels in the area, within 3 miles of the campus:

Chicago Marriott Suites Downers Grove
1500 Finley Place, Downers Grove, IL
(630) 852-1500

Doubletree Guest Suites and Conference Center
2111 Butterfield Road, Downers Grove, IL
(630) 971-2000

Holiday Inn Express Chicago-Downers Grove
3031 Finley Road, Downers Grove, IL
(630) 810-9500

Comfort Inn
3010 Finley Road, Downers Grove, IL
(630) 515-1500


$50 for Non-USHF Members
$35 for USHF Members

At Registration you can become a USHF member for $15 therefore making your registration fee $50…so you might as well join USHF so that your next seminar fee will only be $35, but the choice is always yours.

If you are a USHF member dues are paid in either the spring or fall. Try to keep track of when you need to pay dues so that you will not have an extra $15 fee to pay unexpectedly. If you are affiliated with a school, they should be keeping a current roster and can therefore tell you when your dues need to be paid and if this is the case, you should be paying your dues to your school who will then forward the appropriate amount to USHF.

Another payment option is purchasing a life membership which, as the name indicates, will grant you access to all USHF Seminars for free for life. The cost of a life membership is $150.

And finally, USHF apparel and patches are always available for purchase at the seminars so bring extra money if you are interested in purchasing any USHF apparel.

Board of Governors and Board of Examiners meetings will follow after the seminar.

Order of events:

9:30 – 10:00: Registration

Try to arrive a little early so that we can start on time; registration always takes more time than planned.


USHF Schools must bring an updated roster with USHF membership details in order for students to receive school membership discount. See our website for membership details or speak with the USHF Secretary at the event.


10:00 – 11:30: Adam Rector

Beginner and Advanced Breakfall Progressions

A detailed look at a full range of teaching and training progressions for breakfalls and rolling. The seminar will cover detailed teaching progressions of the basic breakfalls for beginners and walk advanced students and teachers through the training progressions of adding height, distance, and one to two planes of rotation to the basic breakfalls. These advanced variations serve to increase body awareness and aerial sensitivity necessary for safely performing advanced throws.

Several technical variations of the basic falls and rolls will also be shown (from various martial arts, Parkour, and stunt performance) and their pros and cons discussed. Breakfalls featured will include the side fall, back fall, and forward roll.

Bio: Adam Rector has had martial arts influences in his life since a very young age, but began formal training in martial arts when he was 14 with the art of Tae Kwon Do. Since that time he has trained in various styles from different cultures and philosophies. He holds the rank of 1st degree black belt in Kyushiki-ryu Kempo Jutsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. He has instructed various disciplines including Hapkido, Kempo Jutsu, and Parkour and Freerunning. In 2011 he graduated from Indiana University with a double major and Honors in both Physics and Martial Arts Training Methodologies. He is also a graduate of the International Stunt School and a member of the United Stuntmans Association who has performed in and choreographed over three dozen short films, features, stage performances, live events, web series, and advertisements.


11:45 – 1:00: Break for Lunch


1:00 – 2:30: Bryan Robertson

Unarmed Defense vs the Knife

Bring your training knives. Bryan Robertson will be presenting unarmed defense against a knife wielding attacker. Emphasis will be on entry and targeting points affecting the central nervous system in order to shut down an attack enabling your escape.

Bio: Bryan began training in 1982 and currently holds the ranks of 4th dan in USHF Hapkido and 6th dan in UFTI Taekwondo. He’s enjoyed teaching martial arts at various schools over the years, including Indiana University, and is currently teaching at David Rhodes’ Ryukyu Kyusho Martial Arts in Bloomington, IN.


2:45 – 4:15: Anthony “Tony” Oliveira

Drills to Application. Kali/Silat & Kenpo drills

Tony Oliveira will be presenting drills from Kenpo and Kali/Silat. After each drill is presented, practical applications of that drill will be shown, along with variations of demonstrated techniques. Blocking schemes, lock flows, and throws will be covered. Focus mitts and training knives are suggested.

Bio: An alumnus of the IU martial arts program Anthony “Tony” Oliveira has accumulated 20 years of experience in the martial arts. After leaving IU, he spent 10 years teaching and training and at Self Defense Systems (SDS) in Indianapolis where he studied Kenpo, Kickboxing, and Kali. Mr. Oliveira was also an integrated martial arts instructor at Tiger Martial Arts in Chesterton, IN and a self-defense instructor at Indiana University – Northwest. He continues to train in Pencak Silat Mande Muda and Pekiti Tirsia Kali and teach at SDS in Indianapolis.


4:15 – 5:00: Announcements and Certificates

BOG and BOE meetings to follow.

All are welcome.


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