2013 Spring Seminar Call for Proposals

Attention all USHF Black Belt Members:

In an effort to get the slate for the Spring Seminar set early, the USHF is asking all prospective presenters to submit proposals by February 22, 2013. This will give us enough time to screen the proposals and release a slate well ahead of the seminar date. If you would like to be considered for a slot at the seminar, please send an e-mail to jawatson@indiana.edu with the following information (submission of a video proposal containing the same information is acceptable):


School from which you received your black belt:

School at which you presently teach (if applicable):

Title of presentation:

Description of presentation in 40 words or less (to be included in USHF mailings):

Recommended or required equipment:

Martial arts bio:

Teaching objectives for presentation (i.e. what are some specific lessons that the students should learn through participating in this presentation?)




Provide a detailed outline describing the progression that your presentation will use, how the aforementioned objectives will be met, and roughly how much time will be spent on each segment.

Total time:


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