2014 USHF Spring Seminar Details

The Spring Seminar will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2014, at Gentry Martial Arts in Martinsville, IN, 9:30am – 5:30pm.

Driving directions can be found here: http://www.gentrymartialarts.com/visitors/gma_martinsville_directions.html

Gentry’s Address:

1909 E. Morgan St.
Martinsville, IN 46151

Contact Information can be found here: http://www.gentrymartialarts.com/visitors/contact.html


The cost is $50 for Non-USHF Members $35 for USHF Members. Typically USHF membership is purchased through your school.  Discuss membership with your school’s instructor.  If you do not attend a USHF school, membership can be purchased at the time of the seminar.

If you are a USHF member dues are paid in either the spring or fall. Try to keep track of when you need to pay dues so that you will not have an extra $15 fee to pay unexpectedly. If you are affiliated with a school, they should be keeping a current roster and can therefore tell you when your dues need to be paid and if this is the case, you should be paying your dues to your school who will then forward the appropriate amount to USHF.

Another payment option is purchasing a life membership (also purchased through your school) which, as the name indicates, will grant you access to all USHF Seminars for free for life. The cost of a life membership is $150.

USHF apparel and patches are always available for purchase at the seminars so bring extra money if you are interested in purchasing any USHF apparel.

Satori Training Weapons will have a table at the spring seminar with dozens of handmade blades, nunchaku and “The Art of Joint Locking”, Including over 80 joint locks, joint lock flows, joint lock defenses, 20 directions of response, and more!!   190 pages.  There will be seminar specials and sales, so please stop by purchase a new training weapon.

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Order of events:

9:00 – 9:30 – Registration

Try to arrive a little early so that we can start on time; registration always takes more time than planned.


USHF Schools must bring an updated roster with USHF membership details in order for students to receive school membership discount.  See our website for membership details details or speak with the USHF Secretary at the event.


9:30 – 11:00 – Steve Haverly 

Defending the Knife, A Non-traditional Approach
Students will be shown a progression where economy of motion and commonality of technique can be used. We will learn, among other things, what to do when moving the body off line quickly is not possible. How to possibly minimize legal risks, and learn responses from at least 7 different attack angles.

Required Equipment: Training knife.


Mr. Haverly started Hapkido at Lucas Martial Arts Academy in 2006 with no previous experience. He received his 1st Dan Black belt in 2011. He recently received his 2nd Dan under Mr. Greg Lucas. He also holds an Apprentice Instructor Certification through Martial Concepts:Kali under Patrick Kelly. He currently instructs Hapkido and Martial Concepts:Kali at Lucas Martial Arts in Bedford, Indiana.

11:15 – 12:45 – Tony Olivera

The “Real” Law of Self-Defense (in Indiana)

A discussion of state and federal law, from the perspective of an attorney. We’ll address common misconceptions, the use of force, defense of others, firearms law, and other laws related to martial arts.

Required Equipment: Your Brain.


An alumnus of the IU martial arts program, Anthony “Tony” Oliveira has accumulated 20+ years of martial arts experience. He focuses on integrating techniques from various arts into a cohesive whole for real world self-defense. He has studied Hapkido, Kenpo, Kali, Silat, JKD, Judo and kickboxing. He is also a licensed attorney in the state of Indiana.


12:45 – 1:45 – Break for Lunch


2:00 – 3:30 – Brandon Sieg

Keukgi—a new twist

¼ turn, ½ turn, ¾ turn, corkscrew, and arm bar.  These are the staple locks that are born out of the USHF alternative directions of response, and for good reason.  Other locks, such as chicken wing (goose neck) are standard locks in the USHF curriculum but are taught out of transitions or places other than the alternative directions.   Drawing on experience in other Hapkido curricula and other joint locking systems, Brandon will show a variety of additional locks typically not practiced by USHF practitioners and/or show how more familiar locks can come out of the alternative directions.


USHF Vice President of the Board of Governors Brandon Sieg has thirty years experience in the martial arts and over twenty in Hapkido. Relevant to this presentation, Brandon holds a 5th Dan in both the USHF and Korea Hapkido Federation and is familiar with other Hapkido curricula such as Sinmoo Hapkido. Additionally he is completing his Instructorship in Chin-na(Chinese joint locking techniques) under Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. Brandon teaches in the IU Martial Arts Program, is the Martial Arts Coordinator at DePauw University, and co-owns Gentry Martial Arts in Martinsville IN.


3:45 – 5:15 – Arlo Welty

Grab and Locks from Trapping, Leg Takedowns

Joint locks are very plausible in a fight if they have the right set up or entry. We will learn how to bridge the gap to attachment or from takedowns into properly executed joint locks. Come learn some new locks and clean up some favorites.


USHF Vice Chairman of the Board of Examiners Mr. Welty became an instructor for Indiana University’s Martial Arts Program in 2004.  He currently teaches Hapkido, Tai Chi Chuan, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Self-Defense and Archery at Indiana University. Arlo instructed the Indiana University Hapkido/Self Defense club from 2003 to 2012.   He is currently a 4th Degree black belt with the United States Hapkido Federation and he has earned first level Elite Instructor in Martial Concepts:Kali/JKD. He owns and operate a handmade training weapon business Satori Training Weapons LLC.  Mr. Welty is the author of “The Art of Joint Locking”, which was published in March 2013 by Turtle Press. Train Hard and Train Safe.


BOG and BOE meetings to follow.  All are welcome to attend.  


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