2015 Spring Seminar Details

The Spring Seminar will be held February 21st at Indiana State University, from 9:00am-5:30pm.


Order of events:

9:00 – 9:30 – Registration

USHF Schools must bring an updated roster with USHF membership details in order for students to receive school membership discount.  See our website for membership details details or speak with the USHF Secretary at the event.


9:30 – 11:00 – Anthony J. Oliveira

Alternate Situational Defense Responses & New Situational Self-Defense Drills

New and alternate responses to the standard USHF Situational self-defense drills taken from other arts, with an emphasis simplicity, speed, and utilizing weight and leverage to deal with larger attackers. New situational attacks and responses will also be presented.

Required Equipment:  Vinyl, powder-free, disposable gloves (preferred) or hand sanitizer.

We’ll be biting hands in some of these drills. The gloves keep things sanitary. Vinyl for people with latex allergies. Powder-free because nobody wants a mouth full of talcum powder. Disposable because… you’re probably not going to want them back afterwards.


An alumnus of the IU martial arts program, Anthony “Tony” Oliveira has accumulated 20+ years of martial arts experience.  He focuses on integrating techniques from various arts into a cohesive whole for real world self-defense, particularly against taller and larger opponents (that’s everybody). He has studied Hapkido, Kenpo, Kali, Silat, JKD, Judo and kickboxing.  He is also a licensed attorney in the state of Indiana.

11:15 – 12:45 – Brandon Sieg
Joint Locking to Set Up Striking
Striking and locking should not be compartmentalized tactics. We often practice blowing smoke (striking) to set up our joint locks, but many neglect the other way around. Joint locking doesn’t have to end in a control but rather can set up finishing strikes. At the very least, locks and strikes should be used more interchangeably for better overall flow and having a more fluid back up plan.


Brandon Sieg has practiced martial arts for over 30 years and Hapkido for over 20. He holds a 5th dan in the USHF and a 6th dan in the Korea Hapkido Federation, as well as 14 other martial arts certifications. He serves as the USHF Vice President and is the Martial Arts Coordinator at DePauw University and co-owner of Gentry Martial Arts in Martinsville IN. He is also an author and expert witness on martial arts related fields.


12:45 – 1:45 – Break for Lunch


2:00 – 3:30 – Arlo Welty

Punch and Weapon Defense Training Drills

We will use Hubud-Lubud drills from Kali/Escrima to ramp up our repetitions and enter into every range with explosive power. Limb destructions, throws, joint locks, sweeps, reaps, chokes and kicks are few of the follow-ups we will explore from these drills.
Required Equipment: Training Knife, and a Rattan Stick


Arlo started training Shorin Ryu Karate at age 13, and has since trained in Hapkido, Aikido, Japanese Jujitsu, Chi Gong, Shotokan Karate, Kali, Arnis, Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi Chuan, Brazilian Jujitsu, Chin-na and Silat.  Arlo has been an instructor for Indiana University’s Martial Arts Program since 2004 and currently teaches Hapkido, Tai Chi Chuan, Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Self-Defense, Billiards and Archery.  He is a 4th Degree black belt with the United States Hapkido Federation and has received his Martial Concepts 2nd level Apprentice Instructor in Jeet Kune Do and Kali. He started a martial arts training weapons business (Satori Training Weapons) in 2011 and published “The Art of Joint Locking” in 2013.


3:45 – 5:15 – Dr. Jason Winkle  

Sidearm Retention

This presentation will cover sidearm retention techniques (muzzle discipline, ballistics, and holster options) for a variety of tactical and self defense situations. Basic cuffing and ground control techniques while maintaining sidearm control will also be addressed.

Required Equipment:  Some holsters will be provided.  Please bring one if you have one.


Dr. Jason Winkle is the CEO of the Monroe County YMCA. He is a former Interim Dean and Associate Dean for the College of Nursing, Health, & Human Services at Indiana State University. As a civilian, Dr. Winkle served as a faculty member and Combatives Instructor at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He is also the past President of the International Tactical Officers Training Association and the Senior Leadership Writer for SWAT Digest.


5:15 – 5:30 – Announcements and Certificates

BOG and BOE meetings to follow.  All are welcome to attend.  


Building: Arena Building, also occasionally called ‘Health and Human Services’.

Room: B93

Building Map: http://www.indstate.edu/recsport/docs/HHSMapUpdatedDec2011.pdf

Address: 420 N 5th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809

From 70 West – Take exit 7 for US 41 North/3rd street. Continue north past the courthouse and turn right on Chestnut Street onto campus. The Arena Building is a block ahead on the left. Street parking on campus is free on weekends.  There is also a visitor’s parking lot across the street.

Campus Map: http://cms.indstate.edu/sites/default/files/media/Documents/PDF/campus-map.pdf

If you have questions, email the USHF Secretary at jawatson@indiana.edu.


The cost is $50 for Non-USHF Members $35 for USHF Members. Typically USHF membership is purchased through your school.  Discuss membership with your school’s instructor.  If you do not attend a USHF school, membership can be purchased at the time of the seminar.

If you are a USHF member dues are paid in either the Spring or Fall. Try to keep track of when you need to pay dues so that you will not have an extra $15 fee to pay unexpectedly. If you are affiliated with a school, they should be keeping a current roster and can therefore tell you when your dues need to be paid and if this is the case, you should be paying your dues to your school who will then forward the appropriate amount to USHF.

Another payment option is purchasing a life membership (also purchased through your school) which, as the name indicates, will grant you access to all USHF Seminars for free for life. The cost of a life membership is $150.

USHF apparel and patches are always available for purchase at the seminars so bring extra money if you are interested in purchasing any USHF apparel.

Satori Training Weapons will have a table at the spring seminar with dozens of handmade blades, nunchaku and “The Art of Joint Locking”, Including over 80 joint locks, joint lock flows, joint lock defenses, 20 directions of response, and more!!   190 pages.  There will be seminar specials and sales, so please stop by purchase a new training weapon.

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