Call for Proposals

USHF Seminar Presentation Proposals must include:

a) The name of the course.

b) A brief description of what the class will be (this should be the blurb that will be used to advertise your class on the website slate).

c) The stated objective of the course. (“Upon completing this class, students will be able to do ….”).

d) A detailed outline of what will be done in the class to achieve the aforementioned stated objective (concept explanation, techniques, drills, exercises, etc). The outline should include a break down of how long you intend to be spending on each technique, drill, or exercise.

e) A list of any special equipment or other requirements that the students would need. If you do not tell us what you need, it is likely you will not have it for the presentation.

d) An applicable martial arts teaching bio.

A couple of things to think about:

This is a 90 minute “seminar” workshop class. It is likely that many of the students will have little or no experience in the concept/technique you are teaching. It is also likely the first time many of these students have made contact with you. Keep in mind, they may or may not have a preconceived notion as to what you are wanting from them.

Be realistic. What can you accomplish in 90 minutes? What do you want your students to be able to do in 90 minutes that they couldn’t do prior to the seminar? What can you give them so that they will leave your presentation wanting more. Beginning students coming to a day-long “master class” format workshop are not there for immersion or a history lesson (unless the presentation is a lecture and that is the specific topic). It is better to show sound fundamentals and build more advanced work on top of them.

Structure your class so that they get the time to learn, work on, AND ask questions. Don’t do anything in your class that is not supporting the student outcomes at the end. With 90 minutes, you will not have time for anything else. The accomplished goals and instructor expectations are often very different things.

Proposals are due by Friday, February 17. Send proposals to the USHF Secretary at


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