Membership / Affiliated Schools

Any school or club which teaches Hapkido is eligible to apply for school membership in the USHF. To apply for membership, schools must submit the Schoool Membership Application (PDF document), the application fee, martial arts resume and any supporting documents (Rank certificates, letters of reference etc.). USHF schools are entitled to seminar privileges, school certificates, and may promote students to USHF rank (with our certificates) up through and including 1st Kup.

To hold rank in the USHF, and to qualify for seminar discounts, students are required to be USHF members starting at green belt level and above. Individual membership dues per student are $15 a year. Dues are to be paid to the USHF school by October each year. Each school must keep an updated roster of all members. This roster is to be kept current and submitted to USHF each October when paying yearly school membership dues ($25 / year + $5 per USHF student). The USHF school should retain $10 of the $15 student membership fee, and forward the remaining $5 to the USHF.

See the General Rule Reminder (PDF document) for more details. This document contains many details associated with School and Individual Memberships.

USHF School Roster (click to download).

USHF School Roster (PDF document)

MembershipApplication (PDF document to be used by schools when collecting roster data)

Promotion of students to Dan (Black Belt) ranks will be with approval of the Board of Examiners of the USHF.

Rank reciprocity: Students from any Hapkido school (whether USHF or not) will be recognized at their currently held non-graded (kup) rank but must pass USHF standards for any and all subsequent promotions in our system.

Dan rank recognition is the domain of the USHF Board of Examiners.

Affiliated Schools:
College of DuPage
DePauw University Hapkido Club
Florida Gulf Coast University
Gentry Martial Arts of Martinsville
Hammer Martial Arts
Indiana State University
Indiana University Self Defense Club / IU Martial Arts Program – Bloomington
Kunja Fighting Academy
Lucas Martial Arts
Martial Concepts of Arkansas
UCLA Hapkido

Universal Dynamics Martial ARts