About USHF

The USHF was organized in 1980 to promote hapkido and provide a forum for learning and sharing hapkido among practitioners of all styles. Since that time we have continued to grow and have truly become a national organization with instructors and students spread throughout the United States and overseas. We genuinely believe in the benefits of hapkido to the individual; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Since hapkido is an extremely eclectic style, we are eager to include all martial artists in the United States Hapkido Federation.

The USHF is intended to be a non-profit organization (USHF Constitution PDF – Updated 2008); the purposes for which it was formed and the powers possessed by it include:

1. To stimulate interest in hapkido.
2. To unite people for their mutual education and benefit.
3. To encourage cooperation and better understanding among members.
4. To supervise and conduct clinics, seminars and demonstrations under the auspices of this Federation.
5. To research and study hapkido with a view to establishing the highest standards of instruction and conduct.
6. To research and study hapkido in order to better understand its history, philosophy, principles and concepts.
7. To maintain and preserve hapkido records as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.
8. To publish information about hapkido, including United States Hapkido Federation activities.

For those who practice other styles or other martial arts, the chief advantages of membership in the USHF are the association with excellent martial artists from all places and styles, and participation in the semiannual seminars held at various USHF member schools or clubs.

We would look forward to having you as a member of the United States Hapkido Federation.