Rank and Certificate Information

The world of martial arts is steeped in tradition. Most schools and styles have a system of acknowledging and honoring rank determined by levels of technique and seniority. One of the primary purposes of the USHF’s existence is to promote and to provide a system of Rank Requirements.

The USHF Board of Examiners has established a rank requirement curriculum for our associate schools.  These are requirements that have been established as a bare minimum for rank advancement within the USHF affiliated schools.

Each school is encouraged to use these requirements as a guideline for establishing their own rank requirements.  We highly encourage schools to include concepts and techniques from other systems and arts to supplement these requirements based on the needs of their respective students.

For each belt rank the student must demonstrate proficiency in the required techniques for that rank. In addition, students are required to be prepared to demonstrate any or all techniques for ALL previous ranks. The previous ranks are the foundations for the next.

The USHF has Kup Certificates available for purchase. To purchase USHF Kup certificates, school dues must be current and and updated roster must be on file. Kup certificates are sold in packets of 25 and cost $50 ($2 / certificate). The certificates come with traditional, official USHF chop stamps, as well as two Board of Examiners signatures. Place orders by emailing the USHF Secretary at jawatson@indiana.edu. We’ll work out the details via email after you place your order.

Hapkido 8th Kup-Yellow Belt

Hapkido 7th Kup-Orange Belt

Hapkido 6th Kup- Green Belt

Hapkido 5th Kup – Purple Belt

Hapkido 4th Kup – Blue Belt

Hapkido 3rd Kup – Brown Belt

Hapkido 2nd Kup – Red Belt

Hapkido 1st Kup – Temporary Black Belt / Red and Black Belt

1st Dan – Black Belt

USHF Schools are not required to use these belt sheets but they have been provided in case you would like to use them.